Dropping into Stunning Mountain Bike Downhill

This last week we dropped off of the continental divide in Montana from a number of entrances. We found a number of dirt roads to turn into exciting mountain biking tracks. I saw this video spot and it brought back all of the adrenaline! How can you duplicate the rush from a stunning down hill drop


Biker Attacked by Antelope

African mountain bikers are flying along on fast single track when out of the blue a wild antelope takes the frontrunner out. It appears they saw the animal ahead of time and tried to keep going to outrun it. However, the antelope easily catches up and in one bound takes him off his bike. He broke the guy's helmet and knocked the wind out of him. Check it out: We saw the guys recently on the...


Extreme Mountain Biking at Its Best

Extreme mountain biking is a thrill. Some bikers consider a steep downhill or a tough climb as extreme. The extreme mountain biking videos below highlight truly exciting biking! Home Made Race Track What a cool idea to host a track in a forest with ramps, jumps, and other great features. We loved the coordination during the filming. Extreme Downhill Check out this wild decent. They're lookin...


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