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A bicycle does not comprise of any complex machinery or lever settings. The basic design of the bicycle has been the same as in the olden days. However, depending upon the activity for which it is being used, there have been many modifications to the humble bicycle.

The basic objective of the bicycle is still the same and that is "Transportation". A survey conducted showed that most people still use the cycle as a form of transportation ( health and ecological awareness). Today cycles are used for recreation, followed by utilities and finally outings.

The change to the basic structure of the bicycle has been minimal. Cycles used in sports have seen the most of the changes. This can be contributed to better performance and safety. Most of the other changes to bicycles are merely additional fittings to help a cyclist. Over the years the word "cycle" has become a household means of transportation.

Guide to Buying a Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is one of the most adventurous, satisfying activities one can do. It's very envigorating to climb a daunting trail or fly down a technical downhill. It's exhilarating to watch the pine trees zip buy on a smooth single track. The key is to have the right bike. One of the key methods to find a great bike is to read reviews from other riders. Riders sound off avidly. If they...


Basic Bicycle Structure

The elementary design of the bicycle consists of the following parts: Frame: The base structure of the bicycle on to which all the other parts are fitted. It is generally made of steel and is generally diamond in shape (One main and 2 paired rear triangles). Drivetrain: Comprises of the crank sets front and back which are rotated with the help of pedals. When the rider uses the foot, the crankse...


Uses of the Bicycle

There are different uses of the bicycle. It is used as a means of transport creates environmental awareness, exercise, sport, promotes tourism and commerce. Means of Transport: Primarily the use of the bicycle is for transport. There are many countries that have the cycle as the main means of transport. There are even "bicycle laws" in some states in United States of America. Environmental Aware...


Additional Bicycle Fittings

There are many additional fittings available to the basic structure of the bicycle. They generally provide some basic use to the rider. These additions again depend on the use of the bicycle. A few of the additional fittings include: Mudguard (Fenders) - They are fitted over the tires and prevent the spilling of mud, stones, dirt by the rotating tire. It can prevent your jeans from getting dirty...


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