Cycling Techniques

There is no basic requirement to learn how to ride a bicycle. It is all about balance and the courage to pick yourself up even if you fall. How does one get that stance and balance? This is only possible through practicing. Although the cycling is taught when a child is young, it can also be mastered later on in life once you feel confident about handling it.

Generally this is an art that is learnt at a younger age. Cycles for the children are provided with " safety wheels", which give sufficient balance to the rider, till the knack and tactics of steering are learnt by the cyclist. These safety wheels are then removed when the cyclist has gained enough confidence.

However, there are those who have not learnt to ride the bicycle with the safety wheels on. These are the people who have learnt purely on balance and will power.

The key techniques in riding a bicycle are wind resistance, muscle power, balancing and braking.

Extreme Mountain Biking at Its Best

Extreme mountain biking is a thrill. Some bikers consider a steep downhill or a tough climb as extreme. The extreme mountain biking videos below highlight truly exciting biking! Home Made Race Track What a cool idea to host a track in a forest with ramps, jumps, and other great features. We loved the coordination during the filming. Extreme Downhill Check out this wild decent. They're lookin...


Using Muscle Power when Cycling

It is a known fact that bicycle is a human powered vehicle that moves on the power generated by the rider. It has actually been proven that the muscle power which a cyclist has will have direct effect on how he or she rides a cycle. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for a person to maintain a strict balance diet and sufficient water to maintain the body fluids. It is the leg muscles (the femu...


Wind Resistance and Aerodynamics when Cycling

The first thing that a cyclist needs to learn is to balance on the cycle and resist the wind. This is one more reason why there are different types of bikes for different uses. This is because of the aerodynamics that is required for the bike. Recreational bicycles will provide a posture that gives poor aerodynamics as it is not a feature required. The aerodynamics for a mountain bike will be at...


Braking and Steering when Cycling

This is another important technique that the cyclists will have to learn. This is used to bring the bicycle to a halt or just slowing down. The cyclist uses the brakes present on the bike by pressing them so that they apply friction to the bicycle wheel. This friction will interrupt the kinetic energy so as to dissipate it. This dissipation will cause the wheel to slow down or stop. In extreme c...


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