Additional Bicycle Fittings

There are many additional fittings available to the basic structure of the bicycle. They generally provide some basic use to the rider. These additions again depend on the use of the bicycle. A few of the additional fittings include:

Mudguard (Fenders) - They are fitted over the tires and prevent the spilling of mud, stones, dirt by the rotating tire. It can prevent your jeans from getting dirty.

Chain-guard - This is seen in utility bicycles. It covers the chain and sprocket system so as to protect the drive-train from dust and mud.

Stand (Side Stand, Kick Stand) - a feature with the help of which the cycle is able to stand upright on its own. Generally it is located on the rear of the cycle.

Lock - This is a feature that enables the user to lock the wheel of the cycle so that it cannot be moved (stolen). It works on a lock and key system. The lock is put through the spokes of the hind wheel and locked together like a circle.

Cycle Bell - Used to warn pedestrians or other vehicles

Cycle Basket - A basket is placed either on the front or the back of the cycle so that the rider can carry things in it. It can be really useful addition.

Lights and reflectors - They are mounted on the front end of the cycle so as to enable the rider by illuminating the road ahead. There is a white light that is fitted in the front, a red light on the rear end and orange reflectors on the sides of the wheels.



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