Uses of the Bicycle

There are different uses of the bicycle. It is used as a means of transport creates environmental awareness, exercise, sport, promotes tourism and commerce.

Means of Transport: Primarily the use of the bicycle is for transport. There are many countries that have the cycle as the main means of transport. There are even "bicycle laws" in some states in United States of America.

Environmental Awareness: This is a new concept gaining momentum these days. There are many cities that are becoming environmental conscious by implementing bicycle friendly streets across parks or ecologically protected habitats.

Exercise: There is a major concern over the inactive lifestyle across the world. Cycling is considered to be the best form of physical and cardio-vascular exercise.

Sport: There are several ways in which cycles are used in sports. It ranges from simple racing to extreme endurance sports and mountaineering.

Tourism: There are some countries where cycling is a part of tourism. There are guided bicycle tours that are organized for tourists to have a better view of the towns and attractions.

Commerce: In many of the developing and under developed countries, a lot of business is done using the bicycles. In places like India, there are street vegetable vendors, flower vendors who use baskets mounted on cycles to sell their items from door to door. Postmen are given cycles by Government to deliver postal letters to villages which are not accessible by other vehicles. These days it is also popularly used by the newspaper boys.



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